Children begin to go missing again after nearly a hundred years in the village of Willowbrook.


An incident from 1932 was the last time children went missing in Willowbrook. The pastor of the church is sitting with the woman who lost her two children that year. A strange thing happens as she dies in her bed, pastor Rogers at her side. A small fetish of some sort falls from her dying grasp, but is turned to a wisp before touching the floor. Pastor Rogers does not like the woman’s final message. He returns to his office and finds a book, one that has a writing of the ancient legend of Wickedeimus. 

Corynne Star, an author of folklore from Edinburgh University is leading a small class group on a night time outing about an ancient story when she receives a note from the Pastor in her room. A request for her to come to the US and look into the matter.

Following a brief phone call, she leaves for Massachusetts, not sure of what to make of the Pastor’s request. Two more children have gone missing for the first time in almost a hundred years.

Corynne arrives and is told of the legend as it is known here. The origins which begin in England in the late 17th century changed as the story seemed to continue in the colonies. She is put up in the old woman’s home as the property was donated to the church following her death. Corynne begins to experience unsettling experiences from the very first night. 

A Halloween carnival is in town for the week, with fun rides and strange attractions. Several of the local kids befriend Corynne, as well as the local librarian, a part-time world traveler named Cole. They have a lot in common, including the idea of a rational explanation for the recent occurrences of missing children. 

The mystery becomes clear and the nightmare begins anew for the monster, Wickedeimus. Corynne is facing the fact of the legend and must rely on an ancient secret to stop it, if she can find it in time.