Two NASA employees discover photographic evidence of ancient structures on the moon.


2024. NASA Kennedy Space Center. While in a mission briefing about an upcoming Martian Lander mission, engineer and astronaut, Art Morgan, and his girlfriend Mia, a photo analyst, are alerted to an incoming cyber attack and hacking attempt on their systems. When Mia returns to her office she discovers that the cyber attack was a red herring for the hackers who targeted her computer and some very old files from 1980. She and Art learn that they file they had been searching for called Equinox, was not located and no other files were breached. 

Art and Mia search out this file in secret only to discover an old floppy drive with several photographs from the Apollo missions that had never been released publicly showing what appear to be ancient structures on the surface of the moon. Their discovery does not go unnoticed and soon after Mia is murdered and an attempt on Art’s life fails. Determined to expose this cover-up and avenge Mia, Art travels to Russia to seek out the source of the hacking and find out what they know.

There he tracks down Lysia Virgo, the operator of a UFO conspiracy website with familial ties to the Russian Space Program in Buran. He learns that the USSR knew about the cover-up and she wanted to be the first to expose the hidden truth. Art returns to the US and meets his old friend and former NASA colleague, Ethan, and together they decide to embark on a crazy plan to convert Art’s personal Gulf Stream into a viable space plane and landing platform and return to the Moon to live-stream the truth back to Earth and everyone watching. Using parts cannibalized from an abandoned Russian space shuttle, they begin an operation that takes over two years to implement. 

Art is testing the fully loaded space plane on a high altitude drop aircraft when he is forced to launch the mission early as the government agency tasked with stopping his plan closes in. Ethan, along with the recruited Lysia and a few others escape to an island in the pacific to manage the mission as ground operations. Art makes it to the moon and lands. The first images of the live stream, now followed by over a billion people, shows strange and enormous ruins of some ancient looking facility, obviously not of natural origin. 

Art launches after a couple of hours of revealing exploration and damages a main engine and part of a wing when he experiences a malfunction. The cobbled together space plane is doomed, unless he can make it to the far side of the moon and locate the known wreckage of what seems to be an alien space ship. He drops the few transmitter relays from the belly of the plane in hopes of maintaining his signal as long as possible. Unable to return, he crashes his plane near the gigantic alien space vessel. He talks to Ethan and the others as long as he can but loses total signal upon entering the craft through a large gouge in the under-side of the ship. 

Thinking he is lost forever, the team on Earth feel good at least that they got the truth out to the people, as they are apprehended by government agents. Art navigates his way through the ship, layers of corridors and narrow passages leading him upward to what he believes to be a control center, discovering the remains of several dead human-like beings along the way. They possess six fingers per hand and have a few other defining features verifying their alien origin. He sits on a seat next to one that is covered in a yellowish amber type of layer as his air runs out, satisfied with a lot of things in his final moments.

To his surprise, Art awakens with his helmet removed, yet breathing. The large almond shaped eyes of a very alien woman are looking at him. He glances to his side and sees that the alien that was next to him, is no longer there. She is awake and speaking to him in a strange language. After a couple hours of introduction and developing a type of communication, they eject a smaller craft from the top of the larger vessel that is still carrying hundreds of sleeping beings, and head to Earth and a waiting collection of government agencies.