Three fans of a popular zombie television show are attending a zombie convention when it happens.


Deadageddon is about to launch into its second season following an unprecedented first. A special Deadageddon convention has drawn tens of thousands to Denver from all over to see the main stars, mainly Derek Hudson, and meet the author of the book series that spawned the show, Connor Burke. During an autograph session, what appears to be an entertaining flash mob of zombies appears in the room. Everyone cheers at the gruesome performance for several minutes until it becomes clear that it is no performance. 

It turns out the writer of the books upon which the show was created, and a former CDC scientist, was writing about an eventual problem with a bad Ebola vaccine when combined with the modern brain implant chips that have become common use. No one took his concerns seriously and the CDC disavowed any such claims, so he resorted to selling the story as fiction. The bad vaccines degraded almost at the exact same time all over the world, killing anyone who had the shot. To add to the problem, the implant chips are reanimating the dead with neural impulses that only seem to activate the base instincts, such as eating anything that moves.

The three teenagers attending the convention, Milo, Jacob and Wayne escape to the lobby of the convention center and steal the vehicle from the show that was sitting on display as an escape car. They rescue Connor and Derek as they flee the carnage at the convention. Connor tells them the whole story and has a possible plan that might mitigate the damage if they can find a satellite relay station in time.

More characters start off in a plane ride heading to Utah for a ski trip when the pilot dies and turns into a zombie mid-flight. The three survivors of that plane crash eventually make their way to Denver and encounter the others after some ridiculous escapes along that path. Everything goes from bad to worse to zombies invading the popular Casa Bonita restaurant in a disgusting battle royale. The group locates the over-run satellite station and fights through the mass of zombies in the final fight.