Dead Sugar

Sugar has a Grudge. She is seeking revenge against those who wronged her.


November 1959. The town of Delta Beach California is celebrating Halloween and the harvest, along with the Mexican tradition of Dia De Los Muertos, or Day of the Dead. When rival drag racers Davy Lane and Mitch Cooper face off down a road often used for racing, with their girlfriends Betty, and Gabriela De La Vega, better known to her friends as Sugar, they meet with tragedy as Mitch’s car loses control and careens over the cliff, crashing into the rocky surf below.

The following autumn a new student to Delta Beach, Bobby Del Rey, discovers making new friends is hard, yet manages to capture the attention of Jesse, one of the local girls and a recent transplant herself. 

A strange and mysterious event occurs at the first night of the Dia De Los Muertos festival in the town square. Soon after, Sugar makes her first apparitional appearance as she begins her slaughter of her former friends whom she blames for the death of herself and her boyfriend Mitch. The drag racers start dying in strange “accidents”. Over the course of the week she has developed feelings for Bobby after a couple of curious interactions, and is torn between her feelings of revenge, and affection for a living boy. Sugar is determined to finish off the last victim, Davy Lane.