Angel's Sorrow

Heaven sends a deadly and dangerous angel to Earth to stop a catastrophic plan that is coming.

Marshal Nash is tracking some wanted outlaws. Problem is, no one has ever seen them or can give any descriptions. Only that they have been destroying churches and stealing priceless religious relics for months now. Another story of this strange crime brings him to Angel's Sorrow, a small run-down mining town in the hills of Eastern Arizona. Only this time there are witnesses, but the situation is not quite the same. A young woman seems to have killed off some attackers and is now lounging in one of the hotel room baths. No relics, no church burning. Just a lot of death. He learns she calls herself Azrael and has her own mission. She is the strangest woman Nash has ever met, but deciding that this is not the person he is searching for he leaves her to deal with her own situation. Fortune pits them both together when they soon learn they are both seeking the same band of outlaws, a fiendish tribe of demons attempting to unleash a darkness on the world from the center of the Southwest Devil's Triangle. Nash soon learns that her outlandish claims are more true than he ever cared to believe, but as their newly formed partnership draws them into a danger like he has never known, he becomes a quick believer.